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Lotus™ Single Lumen Ovum Aspiration Needle

The Lotus™ ovum aspiration needle is manufactured under the highest standard of MicroPort®. With the humanized design, Lotus™ obtains the highest quality eggs in the safest possible way, high operative success rate, improves the comfort of operators, and reduces the trauma of ovarian puncture to the patient.

  • Sharp: Tri-star point tip ensures the highest sharpness, reduces the ovarian puncture trauma, improves the operation efficiency, and shortens the operation time.
  • Precise: Unique pattern assists precise location of the needle tip under ultrasound.
  • Smooth: Ultra-smooth machining inside and outside surfaces of the needle tubing. Low friction coefficient avoids scraping the oocytes and reduces damage.
  • Fluent: The suction catheter is made of perfluorocarbon polymer material, which has high lubrication, non-viscosity, excellent temperature resistance and strong resistance to bend, which enables ease of egg transplantation and minimizes damage to oocytes.
  • Safety: In order to ensure the safety of ovum aspiration, in a strict production test, the tip of the needle underwent a puncture procedure over 20 times without showing signs of burring.
  • User-friendly: The user-friendly handle is easy to hold and rotate, which can improve operator comfort. The color-coded handle marks can be easily distinguished, improving operation efficiency.
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