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MicroPort® has achieved several firsts and won numerous awards in recognition of its high-tech research, patent registration and advanced capabilities within the electrophysiology field. Columbus® is the first 3D EP navigation system featuring real time magnetic device tracking with cardiac motion compensation, and FireMagic® is the first 3D Irrigated Ablation Catheter.

With several large-scale education programs to empower physicians and increase the effective treatment rates of arrhythmia patients, and in the process, reduces the burden on healthcare systems and society.

Electrophysiology Solutions

As the domestic leader in providing integrated electrophysiological solutions in China, MicroPort® EP creates high-quality yet accessible therapeutic solutions for patients and doctors across the globe.

To make our therapies more accessible, MicroPort® EP has launched several large-scale education programs.

Columbus® 3D EP Navigation System

High precision EP Navigation System for faster therapy delivery

The second-generation EP navigation system features a magnetic based 3D mapping system with higher location accuracy and mapping efficiency, and further reduced radiation exposure and procedure time for patients and physicians. Its more powerful ECG module allows simulation event recoding and auto morphology comparison.

Electrophysiology Columbus 1

FireMagic™ 3D irrigated ablation catheter

Comprehensive solution for the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias

FireMagic™ 3D irrigated ablation catheter, combined with Columbus™ 3D EP Navigation System, provides physicians with a comprehensive solution for the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias. It helps physicians effectively maneuver the ablation catheter in the body during procedures by providing precise location of the catheter curve in the body and collecting cardiac ECG signals.

Electrophysiology Firemagic 2

EasyLoop™ Circular Mapping Catheter

Excellent Torque-ability for better reach

Excellent Torque-ability for better control: Safely navigate even the most challenging anatomy and access hard-to-reach lesions

Stable Signal Acquisition: Proprietary sealing designs with platinum electrode leads for precise and stable signal acquisition

Curve Retention: Memory alloy ensures circular shapes are retained over time

Electrophysiology Easyloop 3

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