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Founded in 2012, and listed in 2022 in HKEX (Stock Code: 2172.HK.) MicroPort® NeuroTech has been at the forefront of neurovascular care. Our comprehensive neuro-interventional devices portfolio encompasses three key domains: hemorrhagic stroke, cerebral atherosclerotic stenosis, and acute ischemic stroke (AIS).

With 196+ authorized patents and a presence in over 2800 hospitals, our commitment to innovation is resolute. Our products facilitate more than 100 cerebrovascular stenting procedures daily.

At MicroPort® NeuroTech, our mission is to deliver accessible, top-quality, and comprehensive solutions for stroke patients globally. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of neuro-interventional care, aiming for better and longer lives for patients around the world.

Cerebral atherosclerotic stenosis

Cerebral atherosclerosis is a chronic disease involving the cerebral blood supply arterial system, characterized by progressive lipid deposition, fibrous tissue proliferation and inflammatory cell infiltration.
Atherosclerotic stenosis is a major cause of ischemic stroke. The worldwide incidence of stroke is estimated to be around 15 million people per year, and ischemic stroke accounts for approximately 87% of all strokes.

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Neurovascular Cerebral atherosclerotic stenosis 1

Intracranial aneurysm

Intracranial aneurysm is not a solid tumor, but an abnormal topical bulge in the arterial wall caused by abnormal vascular changes, which is the weakest part of the vessel wall. Aneurysms may rupture and bleed under the impact of blood flow and changes in blood pressure. Due to the atypical symptoms before rupture but dangerous and rapid development of the disease after rupture, many patients die before they are sent to the hospital in time. This makes aneurysm a real invisible killer. It is also known as a “time bomb” in the intracranial cavity.

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Neurovascular Intracranial aneurysm 2

Acute cerebral embolism

Acute cerebral embolism is acute cerebral infarction, also known as “stroke”. It is a neurological dysfunction in the corresponding brain area due to degeneration and necrosis of nerve cells in the area of blood supply in the brain as a result of acute interruption of blood flow in the arterial blood vessels supplying the brain. Common etiologies and pathogenesis include atherosclerosis, cerebral embolism, arteriole occlusion, and brain diseases with definite etiology causing cerebrovascular damage, such as vasculitis and hereditary disorders.

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Neurovascular Acute cerebral embolism 3