Driving Innovation

Reshaping Health Driving Innovation

Collaborations are included across a wide range of therapeutic areas, such as:

  • Cardiovascular Intervention & Structural Heart Diseases
  • ElectroPhysiology & Cardiac Rhythm Management
  • Orthopedics & Soft Tissue Repair
  • Aortic & Peripheral Vascular Diseases
  • Neurovascular Intervention & Neuro-Modulation
  • Surgical and Critical Care & Intelligent Surgical Robotics
  • Endocrine Management & In Vitro Fertilization
  • Urology & Gynecology & Respiratory & Gastroenterology
  • Ophthalmology, ENT, Dental & Full Body Aesthetics
  • In vitro Diagnostics & Medical Imaging
  • Solid Tumor Treatment Technologies
  • Sleep Disorder, Depression & Rehabilitation

If you are looking for strategic partners like MicroPort®, please contact BD@microport.com for further discussion.

MicroPort® is incubating more than 30 portfolio companies in different fields, such as neuromodulation, robotics, sports medicine, aesthetic treatments, assisted reproduction, ophthalmology, wearable devices and rehabilitation devices. In addition to providing professional services to the portfolio companies at different stages, MicroPort® has established partnerships with more than 30 external venture funds, including but not limited to; CITIC, China Renaissance, CICC, Huaitai Securities, Hillhouse, Lake Bleu and GlC.

MicroPort® welcomes global entrepreneurs in the medical device field to join us at Miracle Point®. Please contact MiraclePoints@microport.com for further information.

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In order to understand the patient's medical needs in a more detailed way, and to better understand the pain points, MicroPort® has built a platform for collecting medical insights in the Collaborative Creative Center to facilitate communication between MicroPort® and patients, doctors, and innovatively develop products that truly belong to patients and doctors.

As early as 2002, MicroPort® foresaw that doctors are the important Power for innovation transformation. Through close cooperation of medical workers, we can continuously develop innovative projects for the development of medical devices. Since the founding of MicroPort®, 48 medical cooperation projects have been developed, 9 of which have obtained CFDA certificates, and 8 of which have completed sample evaluation.

We are actively strengthening cooperation with the global medical industry to 'help people thrive beyond 115 years'. We hope to achieve a win-win situation after this close cooperation and to develop more useful products.


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