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Incorporated in Shanghai's International Medical Zone in 2012, Endovastec™ swiftly emerged as a dynamic player in the medical device field. Our dedication to developing total solutions to aortic and peripheral vascular diseases led to our listing on the STAR Market (Stock Code: 688016.SH.) in 2019.

Guided by relentless innovation, we commit over 15% of our annual revenue to research and development. Our extensive patent portfolio and a global presence across 28 countries and regions affirm our unwavering commitment to advancing medical technology worldwide.

At Endovastec™, our mission is to provide trustworthy and universal access to state-of-the-art total solutions to vascular circulatory diseases, reshaping lives worldwide through innovative medical technologies.

Solutions to Thoracic Aortic Diseases

Explore our solutions designed to address thoracic aortic diseases. From minimally invasive techniques to advanced surgical options, we offer a broad range of stent grafts devices tailored to improve patient outcomes.

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Solutions to Abdominal Aortic Disease

Discover our stent graft systems and catheters to address abdominal aortic aneurysm.

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Solutions to Peripheral Vascular Diseases

Discover our range of specialized catheters and stent systems tailored to address atherosclerosis. From drug-coated balloons to high-pressure dilatation catheters and self-expanding stent systems, our solutions offer precision and effectiveness in combating this widespread condition.

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