Angiographic Guidewire Project

Reshaping Health Professional Training Angiographic Guidewire Project


Cooperate to develop products with patented innovative structure to solve the pain points in clinical operation


With the improvement of living standards, the incidence of coronary heart disease is increasing year by year, which has become one of the major diseases endangering human life and health, and has caused great economic burden to patients.

There are two types of angiographic guidewire: Coil guidewire with spring wires covered on the outer layer and Hydrophilic coating guidewire with hydrophilic coating covered on the outer layer. The advantages of Coil guidewire are higher hardness, better support and safer operation, but when the blood vessel is tortuous, its traversing ability is not very well. Because of the above reasons, many hospitals now use hydrophilic coating guidewire for surgery. The hydrophilic coating guidewire has very good traversability, but its controllability is poor, and it is easy to cause complications during operation. According to statistics, 5%~8% of the complications of transradial artery interventional diagnosis and treatment are directly or indirectly caused by hydrophilic coating guidewire, which increases the risk of operation and causes unnecessary pain for patients. Therefore, the project team hopes to develop one type of angiographic guidewire with excellent traversability and controllability.

In order to achieve the goal of the project, in 2012, we invited well-known experts from the third-class hospitals in China to communicate with our technicians, and confirmed the direction of product development.


  • After repeated evaluation in 2012, the project was officially launched, and project members formulated research routes.
  • From 2012 to early 2014, a national patent for a new type of angiographic guidewire was applied.
  • Product design finalization was achieved in June 2014. Samples were approved by cooperating experts and clinicians.
  • In February 2016, we obtained the product registration certificate and approved to go on the market.


  1. The project applied for a patent of a new type of angiographic guide wire and obtained a certificate.
  2. Obtain the product registration certificate.
  3. By March 2019, more than 40,000 products have been sold.