Snap, peel, stick and go

Cutting edge ECG Holter patch recorder, compact, wireless, and effortless

  • Minimum impact on patient’s activities: Compact design and waterproof reliability for uninterrupted usage
  • Versatile recording options: 2 or 3-channel continuous recording capabilities with up to 7 days of data analysis
  • Patient-centric design: Fast application and a design that supports all activities, enhancing patient compliance
  • Particularly suited for the diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation1 2

1 Kirchhof P. et al. 2016 ESC guidelines for the management of atrial fibrillation developed in collaboration with EACTS. Eur Heart J 37:2893-2962, 2016.

2 Varma N. et al. 2021 ISHNE/ HRS/ EHRA/ APHRS collaborative statement on mHealth in Arrhythmia Management: Digital Medical Tools for Heart Rhythm Professionals

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