&laquo;Eyes for Greatness, Hands on Details&raquo;<br> 2013 MicroPort Annual Employee Meeting and Award Ceremony Grandly Held

Shanghai China, January 29, 2013 -- With much fanfare, MicroPort hosted its annual employee meeting in Shanghai Oriental Art Center. The Group's underlining physiology "Eyes for Greatness, Hands on Details" is again manifested throughout the event. The Group's managements, major stockholders and employees totaled more than one thousand members participated in the event.
Ms. Yan Zhang, President of the Group, invited representatives from various branches including "Diamond Club", "Overseas Returnee Club", and "Advanced Employees". In addition, patients' representative, specialist from Shanghai Thoracic Hospital and the headmaster of Guizhou MicroPort Hope Elementary School made their speeches during the event.
Dr. Zhaohua Chang, Chairman and CEO of the Group made a speech titled "Collaboration, Cooperation and Venture into the New World". The year of 2012 was the first year that MicroPort carried out its "10+5 United Fleet". For every 30 second, MicroPort's products are being used somewhere in the world that have profoundly changed patients' QOL. The continuous improvement of this data suggests the gradual acceptance of MicroPort products throughout the world and increased awareness toward minimally invasive medicine. In addition, providing the best and yet affordable service become more prevalent in the current healthcare environment. The corporate strategy of "10+5 United Fleet of MicroPort" will transform MicroPort and position itself in a sustained growth path even in this changing healthcare environment. During 2013, in addition to solidify current market position, MicroPort is going to further strengthen its internal control and improve execution.
During the ceremony, the Group awarded selected Advanced Employees of 2012, consisting of 58 individuals and 10 groups. In addition, various excellent employees were awarded with "Leading Talented Oversea Returnee" and other titles.
After the event, Spring Festive Evening Party was held in East Jinjiang Hilton Hotel. Company's excellent employees and managements participated in the party and engaged in lively conversation regarding the future of MicroPort.