ADVANCE® Knee System Awarded Registration in China

Shanghai, China – 12 September, 2014 – MicroPort Orthopedics' ADVANCE® Knee System Cementless was recently permitted to register on the China market by China Food and Drug Administration.
The ADVANCE® Knee System was launched in the US market in 1998 and is proved to be safe and effective with its over 15 years' excellent clinical history. One of the star products is the ADVANCE® Medial-Pivot Knee, which was designed specifically to replicate normal knee motion by bending, rotating, and twisting - all with a high degree of stability and range of motion. It was also designed with instrumentation that allows it to be used with a surgeon's minimally-invasive technique, which enables the patient to rehabilitate faster with less pain and return to his or her active lifestyle more quickly. Another benefit of the ADVANCE® Medial-Pivot Knee design is that it wears much less on the polyethylene (plastic insert) surface than other competitive knees, a result of its conformity (surface contact area).