ArgusClarity™ OCT System Registered for Marketing in Singapore

Singapore, 24 February 2023 – MicroPort Argus™ has recently received registration approval from the Singaporean Health Sciences Authority for its independently developed intravascular optical coherence tomography (OCT) endoluminal imaging device, the ArgusClarity™ OCT imaging system.

The ArgusClarity™ OCT imaging system can optimize surgical outcomes by providing 10-micron level high-resolution imagery, enabling globally advanced endovascular imaging diagnosis, improved preoperative planning, and assisted identification of lesions after implanation. Additionally, this high resolution feature could clarify the condition of coronary artery lesions and assist surgeons in identifying individualized treatment options for patients.

Compared to non-intravascular imaging tools (such as digital subtraction angiography), intravascular imaging techniques, like intravascular ultrasound and OCT, are recognized as important tools for optimizing percutaneous coronary intervention. OCT has been proven to be an advanced, clinically available imaging technique that boosts intravascular imaging resolution, providing interventional cardiologists with finer microstructural details of the intima as well as support in precise diagnosis.

This marketing approval marks an additional global approval for the ArgusClarity™ OCT imaging system, following its CE marketing certification. In the future, MicroPort® will continue to relentlessly pursue innovation, take the initiative to expand into global markets, as well as to provide high-quality and comprehensive medical solutions for patients and physians worldwide.

About MicroPort Argus™

Founded in Suzhou Industrial Park in 2016, Suzhou Argus Medical Technoloy Co., (“MicroPort Argus™”) focuses on solutions for intravascular OCT systems, and has successfully developed ArgusClarity™ OCT system and Argus NOPURGETM purge-free disposable imaging catheter independently. MicroPort Scientific Corporation (00853.HK, “MicroPort®”) became the controlling shareholder of MicroPort Argus™ in 2021 and is be fully responsible for marketing application of MicroPort Argus™ products.