Beflex Active Pacing Lead Family Approved in China

Clamart, France – December 19th, 2018 - MicroPort® CRM (a business unit of MicroPort Scientific Corporation), is pleased to announce that it has obtained regulatory approval of the Beflex active pacing lead family by the National Medical Products Administration in China.
Beflex is the first family of MicroPort® CRM leads in China, providing a full implantable cardiac pacing system when combined with the imported Reply or the domestic Rega pacemakers.
The Beflex active pacing lead has been widely utilized in other geographies, proving its safety over long term, with a 99.8% complication-free survival rate after eight years of implantation. Its flexible co-axial structure provides very good maneuverability in the heart chambers. Beflex features a pin-driven screw mechanism that facilitates fast lead tip positioning.
“The Chinese market is of primary importance to the growth of our CRM business,” commented Benoit Clinchamps, President of MicroPort® CRM. “The MicroPort Sorin CRM team in China has been extremely successful with the introduction of the Rega pacemaker, manufactured in China. I am confident that the team will continue to build on this momentum with the launch of the Beflex family of active pacing leads.”
“Our customers in China have been very pleased with the pacing technology that we have introduced over the past four years, but they have also requested us to provide them with full pacing systems,” added Li Wang, CEO of MicroPort Sorin CRM in China. “The Beflex leads are therefore a very welcome addition and crucial to further penetrate the Chinese market and ensure sustainable growth."

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