Dr. Chang Zhaohua elected as SORSA's Vice President

On the morning of December 29, the 8th SORSA (Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association) Assembly and Shanghai Overseas Returned Student Federation Founding Conference were convened in Shanghai Exhibition Center. At the first meeting of the 8th council held on the afternoon, MicroPort Chairman Dr. Chang Zhaohua was made vice president of SORSA and Shanghai Overseas Returned Student Federation, and continued to be president of SORSA Entrepreneurship Branch. SORSA was founded in 1913, and it now has over 7000 members with 44 branches, including 80-strong academicians of Chinese Academy of Science and of Chinese Academy of Engineering. With the purpose of "liaising with the vast majority of domestic and overseas scholars and making contribution to China's rejuvenation and Shanghai's prosperity", SORSA united overseas returned scholars, served the strategy of "invigorating the country through science and education" and "reinvigorating the country with talents", and encouraged the vast majority of its members to contribute to independent innovation and the construction of an innovative country.