Clinical Application Research of WILLIS® Obtained the First Class Award in Science and Technology Progress

On May 18th, the clinical application of CEREBRAL aneurysms its related vascular MRA imaging and key technologies of interventional treatment, which based on clinical research of WILLIS® intracranial graft stent obtained the First Class Award of Science and Technology Progress issued by the Ministry of Education. MicroPort, as one of the co-sponsors for the research project, won the award together with Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital.
WILLIS® intracranial stent is the first graft stent product that is indicated for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms. WILLIS® intracranial graft stent can isolate and make occlusion of the aneurysm, as well as reserve the aneurysm artery patency and restore normal blood flow in the lesions area. WILLIS® clinical trials have successfully achieved its research hypothesis: six months' total occlusive ratio of aneurysm was superior to the method of coil embolization.