Colombian Consult General in Shanghai Visits MicroPort®

Shanghai, China – Mr. Ricardo Galindo Bueno, Colombian Consult General in Shanghai, recently visited the headquarters of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort®"), and was hosted by MicroPort® Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Zhaohua Chang and Vice President of International Business Dr. Linda Lin.
Consult General Mr. Bueno visited Self-Experience Center and was briefed the overview of MicroPort® company history, business sectors, technology innovations, product R&D, as well as the development plans to further diversify its businesses and make the company a truly global player. Mr. Bueno said he was impressed by MicroPort®'s 18 years' effort and achievements in innovations, international cooperation and market expansion. He recognized MicroPort® as a company dedicated to improving human life and life-saving solutions and treatments, and showed his confidence in its future development.
Meanwhile, Mr. Bueno introduced the current state of the high-end medical device market in Colombia and incentive policies of the government in attracting Chinese enterprises. He also offered some suggestions for MicroPort®'s development in the country, noting that Colombia has huge demand for cardiovascular and orthopedic devices and if MicroPort® could capture the Colombian market, it will be a good platform for the company to further open markets in Central and South America.
MicroPort® has adopted the "10 (business unites) + 5 (organizations)" collectivized operating model since 2012, which accelerates its development to be a collectivized, diversified, global player. Reflecting on MicroPort®'s overseas expansion in recent years, the company has delivered strong results in Asia-Pacific, European, and Latin American markets, and the South-American market is no wonder a significant part in MicroPort®'s international business. As the third largest economy in South America, the Colombia market plays an important role in MicroPort®'s international business. Mr. Bueno's visit not only enhanced mutual understandings between the company and the Colombian government but will also pave the way for MicroPort® to further expand its South American market.