Construction Begins on 280,000-Square-Meter MicroPort® MegaFactory and Global Medical Experience Center

Jiaxing, China—Recently, MicroPort Scientific Corporation (00853.HK, “MicroPort®") signed construction agreement with Zhejiang Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (“Zhejiang Construction Engineering, ZCE”) to expand the Jiaxing MicroPort® Campus in Jiaxing Science and Technology City and to become a high throughput production base and MicroPort® Global Medical Experience Center. The construction is expected to be completed by 2025.

The total floor area of the MicroPort® Jiaxing base will be significantly expanded from 60,000 square meters to over 280,000 square meters, most of which will be used as manufacturing workshops, making it the largest of MicroPort®’s global manufacturing bases, dubbed as “MicroPort® MegaFactory”, with an annual production capacity of tens of millions of units. The MegaFactory houses several "MegaShops", the largest of which has an effective single-floor cleanroom area of about 10,000 square meters, sufficient to meet the layout requirements for almost all medical product lines. The MicroPort® Global Medical Experience Center will focus on developing an intelligent treatment room with advanced technology such as virtual and augmented reality to simulate the entire doctor-patient experience for different treatment solutions before, during and after operations, in order to provide doctors and patients the best medical experience solutions.

ZCE holds a national special grade construction qualification and has ranked in the top ten Chinese contractors for many years. Mr. Wei Cao, Chairman of ZCE, said. “We are pleased to be the contractor of the MicroPort® MegaFactory and Medical Experience Center project. ZCE will fully leverage its strength in management and branding to build a first-class construction management team and organize the construction work with high benchmarks, standards and efficiency to ensure that all milestones are timely and safely completed with high quality standards, sophistication, integrity and efficiency, and do our part for the development of Chinese medical devices. ”

Mr. Yiyun Que, Senior Vice President of Intelligent Manufacturing and Global Supply Chain at MicroPort®, noted, “The MicroPort® MegaFactory, once completed, will effectively alleviate the increasingly urgent and heavy demand for production space posed by the various business operations under the current strategic landscape of MicroPort®. In line with China’s Yangtze River Delta integration strategy, the R&D and manufacturing centers of MicroPort® in Shanghai, Suzhou and Jiaxing form our own unique ‘MicroPort® Yangtze River Delta’, which allows the free flow of MicroPort®’s internal resources, such as innovation, production and marketing, within the Yangtze River Delta to significantly improve the operational efficiency of the company. We believe this project will not only help improve the positioning and development of MicroPort® in the Yangtze River Delta region but also contribute to the promotion of the high-performance medical device industry in Jiaxing, bringing economic and social benefits to the local communities. ”

Mr. Yimin Xu, Executive Vice President of Product Registration and Property Management at MicroPort®, said, “Once the MicroPort® MegaFactory is brought into operation, it is expected to solve the capacity bottleneck that our subsidiaries are facing. Meanwhile, MicroPort® will make full use of this large-scale infrastructure to strengthen the development of an integrated platform for high-end medical devices, with an aim to provide more high-quality, integrated medical solutions for patients and doctors worldwide. ”