Daylily™ Single-Use Sterile Embryo Transfer Catheter from HorizonMedical™ approved for use in China

Shanghai, China, December 2, 2020 – Daylily™ single-use sterile embryo transfer catheter (‘Daylily ™ embryo transfer catheter’), developed by Shanghai Horizon Medical Co., Ltd. (HorizonMedical™), has recently been registered with Shanghai Municipal Drug Administration. The Daylily™ embryo transfer catheter is to be used for gentle implantation of embryos during in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. Available in different sizes, this product provides doctors with a wide selection to fit their usage habits and patients’ different conditions.

The inner tube of the catheter has a smooth tip, which can effectively reduce irritation to the mother's uterus. The outer tube is highly flexible and therefore easy to manipulate. The addition of matching stylet to the catheter offers an effective solution to difficult tube insertion for some patients. The product has passed stringent positive and negative pressure tests, ensuring little to no risk of fluid or air leakage during its use.

Dr. Zong Guo, Executive Vice President of HorizonMedical™ said, “The approval of Daylily™ embryo transfer catheters marks further diversification of the HorizonMedical™ product line and is a welcome innovation in the field of assisted reproduction. HorizonMedical™ continues to provide healthcare professionals with safer and more reliable treatment solutions, bringing new hope to all patients wishing to conceive. ”

About HorizonMedical™

As a subsidiary of MicroPort® and focusing on medical solutions in the field of assisted reproduction, HorizonMedical™ develops, manufactures, sells and provides technical support to medical products used in all stages of an assisted reproduction cycle. This includes egg retrieval and fertilization, freezing and storage of gametes and embryos, cultivation and processing of gametes and embryos, as well as embryo implantation. HorizonMedical™ currently has other products approved for sale in China, including the Lotus® single-use sterile egg retrieval needles.