Delegation of Malawi Ministry of Health Visits MicroPort®

Shanghai, China – On November 23, Minister of Health of Republic of Malawi Mr. Peter Kampalume, leading a delegation of six people from Malawi's Ministry of Health, medical companies and government authorities, visited Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®"), following the Symposium on China-Africa Partnership in Improving Access to Health and Medical Products that just wrapped up on November 22. MicroPort® management team, including Chief Human Resources Officer Junder Chiang, MicroPort® Vice President of International Business Dr. Linda Lin and MicroPort® Vice President of Strategy and Planning Dr. Chengyun Yue, received the delegation.
The delegation visited MicroPort®'s production line of cardiovascular devices and learnt about detailed production process of drug eluting stents. Mr. Peter Kampalume said he was impressed by MicroPort®'s outstanding production workshop and quality control. Afterwards, they visited MicroPort® Self-Experience Center and was briefed the overview of its history, main business segments, globalized and diversified strategies and future development plans. MicroPort® representatives and the delegation later had a symposium in which Mr. Peter Kampalume introduced the current situation of Malawi's healthcare service, highlighting the cardiovascular and orthopedic fields that MicroPort® focuses on, and discussed the possibilities of future cooperation.
MicroPort® has adopted the "10 (business unites) + 5 (organizations)" collectivized operating model since 2012, which accelerates its development to be a collectivized, diversified, global player. Reflecting on MicroPort®'s overseas expansion in recent years, the company has delivered strong results in Asia-Pacific, European, and American markets. It is expected that the visit of the delegation of Malawi Ministry of Health will further enhance the brand awareness of MicroPort® in African markets, paving the way for MicroPort® to provide ideal solutions to local patients.