Delegation of Stanford University Visited MicroPort

On the afternoon of August 8, a delegation of Stanford University visited MicroPort, accompanied by Mr. Shanchen Xia, deputy chairman of Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association. MicroPort's R&D VP, Dr.Daozhi Liu, and President Laison Officer, Ms.Yu Li warmly received the distinguished guests.Dr. Liu firstly extended the warm welcome to the guests on behalf of the company, then gave a brief introduction of MicroPort and accompanied them to watch the delicate promotional film of the company. The delegation visited the exhibition hall and production workshop, while Dr. Liu put across to the guests a series of high-tech productions developed independently by MicroPort, as well as the great social effect brought about by the launch of the products. The delegation expressed their pleasure and admiration for MicroPort's achievements.
After learning about MicroPort and its development of products, the delegation addressed questions they concerned, especially the policy of Chinese government and MicroPort company in terms of intellectual property rights protection; Deputy Chairman Xia and Dr. Liu answered the questions one by one.