Dongguan Kewei Disposable Arterial Micro Plug Filter Obtains EU CE Certification

Shanghai, China - Recently, the Disposable Arterial Micro Plug Filter, developed by Dongguan Kewei Medical Instrument Co ("Dongguan Kewei"), obtained the official CE Certification. This is Dongguan Kewei's first product that gained CE Certification, marking a milestone in Dongguan Kewei's globalization.
The Disposable Arterial Filter is a filtering device used to clean microemboli of blood after oxygenation. Arterial Filter is the last security barrier in Cardiac Surgery (Extracorporeal Circulation Operation), which can greatly reduce the risk of post-operative complications. Dongguan Kewei Disposable Arterial Filter features low pressure drop, excellent filtering ability, and clear vision of blood flow route. The product adopts a folding mesh screen design, which has large filtering area but small size. During surgery, blood flows into the filter tangently, which weakens the destructiveness to the blood. What's more, the product is equipped with an exhaust port on the top, which makes it easier to exhaust gas.
Before the CE Mark, Dongguan Kewei Disposable Arterial Micro Plug Filter has obtained China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA") registration certificate, and has been widely used in cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. The product's safety and effectiveness are highly recognized by surgeons and patients, and has a relatively high market share. With the CE Certification, the filter will officially enter the EU market to benefit overseas patients.