Dongguan Kewei Hosts 2017 EverMend Structural Heart Disease Expert Salon

Shanghai, China – On May 13, Dongguan Kewei Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. ("Dongguan Kewei"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®"), hosted an EverMend Structural Heart Disease Expert Salon in MicroPort® headquarters. Several surgeons from cardiac surgery field were invited to attend the salon including Director Weida Zhang and Deputy Director Tao Ma of Guangzhou Military General Hospital, Director Jianming Wang and Deputy Director Shihai Yang of Children's Hospital of Hebei Province, Director Qi Xie of Fujian Provincial Hospital, Dr. Dingxu Gong of Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Dr. Shuanglei Li of Chinese PLA General Hospital, and Director Lai Wei of Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University. Dr. Chengyun Yue, First Vice President of MicroPort® Corporate Strategy and Planning & Executive Director of Dongguan Kewei and Yang Zhang, General Manager of Dongguan Kewei also attended the event.
The attendees visited MicroPort® Self-Experience Center, which enhanced their understanding in MicroPort® products. During the event, the experts in attendance respectively introduced the current situation of the cardiac surgery department in their hospitals and exchanged ideas regarding the problems surgeons may encounter in the operation. Director Jianming Wang and Director Weida Zhang chaired the discussion panels about the development trend of minimally invasive surgery for structural heart disease and the cardiac surgery application of occluder, in which they had active interactions with attendees about hot topics related with occluder. In the discussion, Director Qi Xie pointed out, the nitinol material of Dongguan Kewei's occluder has excellent resilience, which results in superior outcomes in the treatment of certain congenital heart disease – for instance, smaller delivery systems can be used in younger children to deliver the occluder to the lesion, which would help protect their vessels. Director Tao Ma shared the clinical experience of using Dongguan Kewei's occluder, and he released one-year data based on his experience which showed 100% success rate, satisfactory outcome in clinical operation and surgical effect that EverMend occluder can block the blood flow immediately.
The EverMend Occluder series include PDA, ASD, VSD and delivery systems. Compared to competitors in the market, EverMend has advantages in mesh frame, membrane of occluder and delivery systems. Its mesh frame adopts high-performance nitinol material, which features excellent hyperelasticity, resilience, and biocompatibility. Its waist uses patent fabric PET membrane and double-layered non-woven fabric, which has a better effect of blocking blood flow and tissue repair. Its delivery system is made of imported reinforced PTFE material to ensure theintensity and resilience of the sheath while achieving bigger inner diameter which makes it easier for clinical operation.
Meanwhile, this salon was live broadcasted on MicroPort® Online with more than 100 people watching online to learn professional clinical theories from experts through this academic platform.