Dongguan Kewei Recognized as "Company with Patent Advantage" in 2016 by Local Government

Dongguan, China – On September 30, Dongguan Kewei Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. ("Dongguan Kewei"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®"), was recognized as one of the local companies with patent advantages in 2016 by Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau. Such honor represents recognition and support from the government, and will greatly elevate the brand value.
Since establishment, Dongguan Kewei has laid emphasis on in-house R&D and intellectual property protection. Several of its key products were counted as provincial-level key new products, new- and high-technology products, and Guangdong independent innovative products, and were granted provincial-level science and technology progress award. Up to date, it has 47 authorized patents, among which 9 are invention patents, 23 are utility model patents, and 15 are design patents.
According to "the rules to support patent projects in Dongguan," Dongguan government names several enterprises that stand out in the year for patent exploitation, application, protection and management, to support their development and encourage other enterprises to follow their steps. Recognized enterprises have to meet certain requirements including no less than 30 million yuan of sales revenue, no less than 30 patents, as well as the number and quality of patents leading in the industry and increasing yearly over the recent two years. This recognition of Donguan Kewei will further encourage the company to innovate and protect its intellectual properties to buoy the healthy development of the company.