EasyFinder™ Electrophysiology Steerable Diagnostic Catheter Gains CFDA Approval

Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Co ("MicroPort® EP") recently gained the registration certificate for its in-house developed EasyFinder™ Electrophysiology Steerable Diagnostic Catheter ("EasyFinder™") from China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA").
The EasyFinder™ Electrophysiology Diagnostic Catheter has a deflectable tip. There are a series of electrodes at the tip of the EasyFinder™ steerable catheter to extract the electrical signal or pass pulse stimulation energy in the chamber. This product is used in conjunction with other instruments such as multi-channel electrophysiology recorder for the record and measurement of cardiac electrical signals during electrophysiological procedures. Compared with the fixed curves which are the most commonly applied in China, EasyFinder™ steerable curve has advantages to access different anatomical locations, to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of procedures, and it also reduces the radiation exposure to the doctors and patients.
The EasyFinder™'s distal segment electrodes are embedded, which ensures the smooth transition of the catheter and the clear and stable ECG signal during prolonged procedure. At the same time, the product is integrated with the hardness gradient design, which can improve the performance. The tip of EasyFinder™ is soft to reduce the myocardial injury.
EasyFinder™ received its CE mark in December 2013. It has already been distributed in Dominica, Greece, Spain and other countries, well accepted by the physicians. Gaining the approval of the CFDA means that EasyFinder™ Electrophysiology Steerable Diagnostic Catheter will officially enter the domestic market, bringing more benefits to Chinese arrhythmias patients.