Endovastec™ Completes First Clinical Cases of Two Products in Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia, 24 April 2023 - Shanghai MicroPort Endovascular MedTech (Group) Co., Ltd. (Endovastec™) has recently completed their first successful cases of its HerculesTM Thoracic Stent Graft with Low Profile Delivery System (hereinafter referred to as "HerculesTM -LP Stent Graft") and MinosTM Abdominal Aortic Stent Graft and Delivery System (hereafter referred to as “MinosTM Stent Graft System”) in Colombia, marking the official entry of Endovastec™'s products into the Colombian market.

The first surgeries using the HerculesTM -LP Stent Graft and MinosTM Stent Graft System in Colombia were both performed by Professor Samira Ali Cure and her vascular surgery team from Clínica Centro in Colombia.

The first patient to have received the HerculesTM -LP Stent Graft implant was a 77-year-old man diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm with a long-length and tortuous arch and an almost 90-degree proximal neck. In considering the features of the HerculesTM -LP Stent Graft, such as the inner sheath design for crossing the arch, precise control of the stent position and shape with the tip-capture mechanism, hydrophilic coating, and Low-Profile delivery sheath with reduced delivery resistance, Professor Samira Ali Cure decided to use the HerculesTM -LP Stent Graft for the endovascular repair of the thoracic aorta. The entire procedure was fluent, with accurate stent positioning and no migration. The stent conformed to the vessel, effectively isolated the aneurysm sac, and there was no endoleak. The surgery was a complete success.

The first patient to have received the MinosTM Stent Graft System implant was a 74-year-old female who was diagnosed with an infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm by CT angiography, with a neck angle of approximately 73 degrees and a narrow-access artery. Considering the MinosTM Stent Graft System's good adaptability to twisted necks and its low-profile design with a delivery system as low as 14F, Professor Samira Ali Cure chose to use the MinosTM Stent Graft System for the endovascular repair surgery of the abdominal aortic aneurysm. The surgery was successfully completed and instant imaging showed that the stent was released accurately, positioned correctly, had no leakage or migration, and the aneurysm sac was effectively isolated.

Professor Samira Ali Cure expressed her appreciation of both the HerculesTM -LP Stent Graft and MinosTM Stent Graft System once again after the surgery. She explained, "The ingenious design concept and low delivery system outer diameter of the two products ensures the stent system not only has accurate positioning and precise deployment, but also improves the compatibility of the stent to the anatomy, meeting the requirements of more complex vascular access arteries such as twisting and narrowing. At the same time, the delivery system’s easy-to-operate, low learning curve reduces surgery time and improves the safety of surgery."

Colombia is the second most populous country in South America, and the medical device market mainly relies on imports. In recent years, the market size has grown rapidly, with a high demand for products for interventions in aortic and peripheral blood vessels. These two products from Endovastec™ were approved by the Colombian National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute (INVIMA) in 2022 and have successfully completed their first implantation in the country this year, once again demonstrating the recognition of Endovastec™'s products by Colombian experts. Colombia is the 16th and 14th overseas country to adopt the HerculesTM -LP Stent Graft and MinosTM Stent Graft System, respectively. These two products, as important products for Endovastec™ in the treatment of thoracic and abdominal aortic diseases, have shown excellent clinical performance since their launch and have received widespread recognition from vascular surgery experts in many countries.

In the future, Endovastec™ will continue to devote itself to introducing more high-quality and innovative, high-end medical device products into Colombia and other countries and regions, so as to benefit more patients with aortic and peripheral vascular diseases worldwide.

Founded in 2012, Shanghai MicroPort Endovascular MedTech (Group) Co., Ltd. (Endovastec™; SSE: 688016), an associated company of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (MicroPort®; HKEX: 00853), is a global medical device company focusing on R&D, manufacturing, and commercialization of aortic and peripheral vascular interventional devices. Its product portfolio includes thoracic and abdominal aortic stent grafts, intraoperative stents, drug-coated PTA balloon catheters, and PTA balloon catheters. At Endovastec™, we are breaking barriers and accelerating access to provide trustworthy and universal access to state-of-the-art solutions for prolonging and reshaping life, and to build a people-centric enterprise as a global leader of evolving and emerging medical technologies through continuous innovation.

More information is available at www.endovastec.com.