Firebird 2 Project listed as key new product plan 2008 in Shanghai

Approved by Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, Firebird 2 (Rapamycin-Eluting Coronary CoCr Stent System) Project has been recently listed as key new product plan 2008 in Shanghai, the project number of which is 08XP0500700. Up till now, MicroPort boasts four high-end minimally invasive instrument projects listed into this plan, thanks to the guidance and support of Shanghai Science and Technology Committee.
Key new product plan is a science and technology plan politically supported by the government, intended to guide and improve the advance of technology and enhance the capability of innovation in companies and scientific research institutions, help to optimize the national industry structure and adjust the product structure. According to estimation, the successful launch of Firbird 2 and its active Marketing can not only bring force economic benefit, but also lower the medical security expenditure which is limited in the country, provide convenience for numerous patients who need stent intervention therapy, and boost the development of national medical industry.