Firehawk® Indonesia's Market-entry Meeting

Jakarta, Indonesia--Recently, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") hosted a successful market-entry meeting for Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System ("Firehawk®") during the 7th Indonesia Society of Interventional Cardiology Annual Meeting (ISICAM-InaLive), making a positive first impression for Firehawk® to enter into Indonesia's market.
The conference broadcasted live two surgeries applying Firehawk®. Dr. Susenc and Dr. Yamin, Indonesian experts, operated the two complex lesion cases. Dr. Yamin used the Culotte technique for the treatment of bifurcation lesions. He implanted two Firehawk® stents during the operation. The postoperative results showed that two surgeries were successful, proving once again that Firehawk® is safe and effective in the treatment in the field of complex diseases. Firehawk®'s excellent passing ability also was highly praised by the two experts.
Later at the Firehawk®'s market-entry meeting, MicroPort® invited Professor Shaoliang Chen, the vice president of the First Hospital of Nanjing City, the famous cardiac interventional expert, as the guest speaker. Together with Dr. Munawar, the chairman of the Indonesian Heart Association, Dr. Alkatiri, the Indonesian expert in the field of cardiac interventional, introduced the Firehawk® to the participants.
Dr. Munawar introduced the excellent performance and results of animal experimental about Firehawk®, highlighting the technique innovation of Firehawk®'s targeted elution. Professor Shaoliang Chen introduced a series of clinical research before the market entry of Firehawk®. He also reported the latest 4 years clinical results of the Firehawk® Target I and Target II, which have proved their the effectiveness and safety of Firehawk®. In the end, Dr. Alkatiri shared his clinical experience of Firehawk® through the surgical cases, which gained many attentions from the participated doctors.
These Firehawk®'s marketing activities also received attention and support from Dr. Munawar and Dr. Firman, the president of ISICAM-Inalive. They participated in the Firehawk® market-entry breakfast meeting, which was jointly organized by MicroPort® and PT. Otsuka Indonesia (PTOI), the Indonesian agent.
During the breakfast meeting, Yingqing Lin, MicroPort® the vice president of international business and Mr. Sakiyama, the general manager of PTOI, gave two themed speeches to attendees. The speeches focused on "Firehawk®'s market-entry plan in Indonesia" and "How to promote the cardiac intervention in Indonesia through professional education and clinical trials", which received positive feedback from participated doctors. They expressed the willing of follow-up cooperation to promote the progress of the cardiac intervention in Indonesia. The local experts are full of expectations for and have confidence in the Firehawk®. All the marketing activities has laid a solid foundation in the Indonesian market for Firehawk®, and at the same time, a new chapter of the market development of Indonesia for MicroPort® was opened.