Firehawk® Project Wins 2019 PMI (China) Project Management Award – Excellent Project

Shanghai, China – On October 26, 2019, the project of Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System ("Firehawk®") won the 2019 PMI (China) Project Management Award – Excellent Project during the PMI (China) 2019 Project Management Congress held by Project Management Institute (PMI) at the Shanghai International Convention Center. Firehawk® is produced by Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®").

The PMI (China) Project Management Award was launched in 2010 with an aim to stimulate the development of the best practices of Chinese corporations’ project management, promote excellent enterprises and projects with successful experiences about project management. During the four to five months of evaluations, the assessment committee selected the participating corporations and conducted on-site inspections of the selected corporations.

Firehawk® was granted the Excellent Project award after receiving the unanimous endorsement from the relevant project management experts given its specialized project management method, structured project management process, forward-looking project risk management, zero-defect product quality management, and breakthrough product technology innovation. The other winners of the award were PetroChina, ZTE, and Tencent. During the award ceremony of the congress on October 26, Mr. Jie Zhang, who is MicroPort® Senior Director, Equipment and Process Development, received the award on behalf of the Firehawk® Project Team. Bruce Wang, who is Executive Vice President of MicroPort NeuroTech(Shanghai)Co., Ltd., gave a speech titled Organizational Structure and Operation Mode of Project Management and spoke of the project management practice and experiences of MicroPort® in the breakout session of Project Management Practice I.

The Firehawk® is a drug-eluting stent featuring strut in-groove coating and precision target drug-releasing patent technology. Firehawk® adopts unique abluminal laser-cut groove coating design and target-eluting technology, and combines the merits of bare metal stent and drug eluting stent, which allows Firehawk® to achieve the same clinical efficacy with significantly lower drug dose. On September 3, 2018 British time, the results of the Firehawk® TARGET AC European trial were published on the website of the world leading medical journal the Lancet. This is the first time that clinical data from a China manufactured drug eluting stent has been published in the Lancet since its first publication nearly 200 years ago.

Previously, the MicroPort® Project Management Team won the PMI (China) Project Management Award – Annual PMO Award in 2016. MicroPort® is the first Chinese medical device corporation to win the PMI awards since the establishment of PMI in 1969 and the introduction of PMP (Project Management Professional) certification into Chinese mainland in 1999. The second PMI award for MicroPort®, which was thanks to the Firehawk® project, fully demonstrated that the project management level and practice experience of MicroPort® had been highly recognized by industry experts. In the future, MicroPort® will continue to adhere to the R&D philosophy of unrelenting innovation to continuously accumulate practice experience in project management. MicroPort® will optimize its management mode and methods and promote the development of innovative products to provide doctors and patients with integrated therapeutic solutions of higher quality and more precision.