First Implantation of Endovastec™ Hercules®️-LP Stent Graft System Completed in Turkey

Urfa, Turkey, 08 April, 2021 - The first implantation of Hercules®️ Low Profile Thoracic Stent Graft and Delivery System (Hercules®️-LP Stent Graft System) developed by Shanghai MicroPort Endovascular MedTech (Group) Co., Ltd. (Endovastec), has been successfully completed in Turkey.

The implantation was performed by a team led by Dr. Ziya Bagis of the Mehmet Akif İnan Training and Research Hospital. Following a preoperative DSA examination, the patient was diagnosed with a trauma-induced thoracic aortic dissection aneurysm of approximately 24 mm. After deliberating on the best method of treatment, the surgical team decided on the Hercules®-LP Stent Graft System. Its notable hydrophilic coating on the sheath of the delivery system enabled the stent to be smoothly implanted during the procedure. As expected, all went to plan without any displacements or jumps at the release of the stent graft and bare stent, resulting in Dr. Ziya Bagis praising the excellent arch-crossing capability and the preciseness of the system. Postoperative angiography showed that the stent graft was precisely positioned and held a good shape, and the dissection aneurysm was effectively isolated.

The Hercules® Low Profile Stent Graft System is suitable for endoluminal repair of all types of thoracic aortic disease. Its 18 F (6mm) delivery sheath allows the stent to cross more stenotic vessels, significantly reducing the vascular access required for the procedure, which can benefit more patients with thoracic aortic disease. The stent graft can easily cross the aortic arch with the protection of the soft inner sheath, reducing crossing resistance and improving the crossing performance of the stent system.

Since its launch, the Hercules®-LP Stent Graft System has entered dozens of overseas countries in Europe and South America, gaining the trust and recognition of surgeons through its clinical application. The product features a tip-capture mechanism, which combined with the support of the nitinol wire, results in a significant improvement in both accuracy and stability when positioning and releasing the stent. The stent’s withdraw-and-release design promises ease and speed, offering surgeons a more convenient operating experience.

Zhenghua Miao, President of Endovastec, said, “By entering the Turkish market, the Hercules®-LP Stent Graft System will provide local surgeons and patients with more options in the field of interventional treatment for thoracic aortic endoluminal repair. We will always focus on each and every user’s experience, and are committed to bringing more high-quality medical solutions to overseas markets for the benefit of patients with aortic and peripheral vascular diseases, worldwide.”

Turkey is the 15th largest economy in the world with a population of 80 million people, and its domestic medical service market is expanding as quickly as medical technology advances. Over 3,000 aortic treatment procedures are conducted annually with huge market potentials.[WH1]

About MicroPort Endovastec™

Shanghai MicroPort Endovascular MedTech (Group) Co., Ltd. (Endovastec™), which is a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (MicroPort®, 00853.HK), was founded in Shanghai SIMZ Century Medicine Park in 2012. Endovastec™ was granted Shanghai High-tech Enterprises, Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise, and the first batch of Specialized and New“Little Giant”Enterprise, AAA-level Credit Enterprise and Multinational R&D Center in China. Endovastec™ was listed on the STAR Market (Stock code: 688016) of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 22, 2019.