First Implantation of Endovastec™ Minos® Stent Graft System Completed in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 23, 2020 — The first implantation of the Minos® Abdominal Aortic Stent-Graft and Delivery System (“Minos® Stent Graft System”) developed by the Shanghai MicroPort Endovascular MedTech Co., Ltd. (“Endovastec™”) was successfully completed in Argentina. This is the seventh market — and the first in South America — that Minos® Stent Graft System has entered, following Greece, Poland, Spain, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

As a new generation of abdominal aortic stent graft systems, independently developed by Endovastec™, Minos® Stent Graft System is designed for the interventional therapy of abdominal aortic aneurysm with proximal neck length at or above 15mm. Its ultra-low profile delivery system with an outer-diameter of 14F (<5mm) significantly reduces the vessel access required for the endovascular aneurysm repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms. This provides a better solution for patients with complex abdominal aortic anatomy, especially those with tortuous, or narrow access vessel arteries.

The implantation of the Minos® Stent Graft System was performed by a team led by Dr. Mauricio Bonet and Dr. Mariano Campenni from Sanatorio Junin Hospital in Buenos Aires. The low-profile design of the Minos® System reduces the damage to the access vessel during the operation, while the proximal tip-capture mechanism and excellent compliance performance of the stent can ensure the accurate placement of the stent graft and the stable isolation of the aneurysm. The angiography showed that the aneurysm was effectively isolated, the stent graft well conformed to the patient’s anatomy and the blood flow in the branch stent was restored, indicating a successful operation.

The first clinical implantation of the Minos® Stent Graft System in Argentina marks the entry of Endovastec™ into the South America market. In the future, Endovastec™ will continue to cooperate with overseas clinical experts to bring more high-quality, innovative and sophisticated medical devices to the global market for the benefit of more patients with aortic and peripheral vascular diseases.

About the Minos® System

The Minos® System features a three-piece design, which enables flexible assembly to accommodate different size requirements. Its main body was constructed from a laser-cut M-stent with integrated barbs and covered with seamless woven graft, and its iliac limbs are woven by a single wire in a spiraling pattern. The advanced core technologies are able to meet the treatment needs of a wider range of abdominal aortic aneurysms with complex anatomy, which reduces the rate of complications such as device migration, endoleaks or occlusion, and thus lowers the risk of long-term reintervention.

About abdominal aortic aneurysm1

An abdominal aortic aneurysm is a bulge in the aorta – the largest blood vessel in the body that runs from the heart down through the chest and stomach. This bulge often won’t cause any obvious symptoms and can be hard to identify, however if it bursts, can cause life-threatening internal bleeding. If an abdominal aortic aneurysm bursts, symptoms can include fainting and dizziness, clammy skin, faster than usual heartbeat, and sudden, severe stomach or lower back pain.

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