First Use of Evermend™ Occluder in Shymkent of Kazakhstan

Shymkent, Kazakhstan - A batch of Evermend™ Occluder, in-house developed by Dongguan Kewei Medical Instrument Co ("Dongguan Kewei"), were successfully implanted in Shymkent Children's Hospital, marking the first use of Evermend™ Occluder in the southern part of Kazakhstan.
In Shymkent Children's Hospital, a total of 17 operations were conducted, using Evermend™ PDA Occluder and Delivery System or Evermend™ ASD Occluder and Delivery System. The patients, aged from 4 to 9 years old, all responded well to the treatment, and no adverse reaction occurred after operations. Evermend™ Occluders were spoke highly by doctors performed the operations for their high quality and affordable price.
Evermend™ PDA Occluder and Delivery System, and Evermend™ ASD Occluder and Delivery System are designed respectively for the interventional treatment of patent ductus arteriosus and congenital atrial septal defect. Once placed in the lesion, the Occluder effectively blocks abnormal blood flow so as to repair or rebuild the defect. These products enable surgeons to provide their patients with minimally invasive surgical procedures that result in less pain, shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery compared to traditional surgeries.
Evermend™ Occluders gained market approval in Kazakhstan in December, 2015, and are expected to benefit more patients with congenital heart disease in the country.