Foreign Experts Visit MicroPort® During CIT 2018

Shanghai, China – Over a hundred experts from Asian Pacific and Latin American countries visited Shanghai MicroPort Medical Group Co., Ltd ("MicroPort®") during the CIT 2018 which was held in Suzhou, China, from March 22 to 25.
Jonathan Chen, Chief International Business Officer, extended a welcome speech to the experts while they visited the MicroPort® headquarters in Shanghai on March 21. Jonathan Chen made an introduction of the company development history, business sectors and blueprint, highlighting its global development strategy and international business development. The experts gained a deeper knowledge of the company's product portfolios and innovative technologies after visiting the Self-Experience exhibition center and the production lines.
On March 22, Dr. Costantino R. Costantini, Dr. Alfredo Rodriguez, Dr. Lee Kang-yin Michael, and Dr. Tam Li-wah received interviews from MicroPort®'s internal publication MicroPort® Review on the prospects of the coronary intervention and the challenges in this field. They highly recognized the contribution that MicroPort® had made in providing high-quality solutions to cardiovascular patients.
Dr. Costantini is a Brazilian expert in coronary intervention. Dr. Alfredo Rodriguez is an Argentine clinical researcher of Firebird2® and Waltz. He is also a member of Argentina Coronary Intervention Association. Dr. Lee Kang-yin Michael and Dr. Tam Li-wah are founder and President of HKSTENT respectively.
A dozen of Indian experts also visited the MicroPort® headquarters that day. They had in-depth discussion with the R&D personnel on product innovation and application.
The experts wrote down their wishes for MicroPort® after reviewing its 20 years of growth and development. Jonathan Chen thanked them for their supports. In the future, MicroPort® will continue to strive for innovation and provide platforms for clinicians and enterprises to strengthen mutual communication and cooperation to help develop more innovative products and technologies to benefit more patients.