Four MicroPort® Products Gain Regulatory Approval in Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia – Recently, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") gained regulatory approval from the Ministry of Health in Serbia for four of its in-house developed cardiovascular products - Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System ("Firehawk®"), WALTZ™ CoCr Coronary Stent System ("WALTZ™"), Foxtrot™ NC PTCA Balloon Catheter ("Foxtrot™ NC"), and Foxtrot™ Pro PTCA Balloon Catheter ("Foxtrot™ Pro"). This is the first time for MicroPort® products to gain regulatory approval in Serbia.
The revolutionary third-generation drug-eluting stent ("DES") Firehawk® is the result of eight years of research and development of MicroPort® and it is the world's first and only target eluting stent. As the world's lowest drug dosage stent, Firehawk® combines the merits of the bare metal stent and DES. It adopts unique in-groove abluminal coating design and target-eluting technique, which allow Firehawk® to achieve the same clinical efficacy with significantly low drug loading, benefiting vascular early healing. WALTZ™ is indicated for the treatment of coronary artery stenosis or occlusion. WALTZ™ has strong radial strength and excellent flexibility, crossability, trackability, and pushability to achieve the best surgical outcome. Foxtrot® Pro is also indicated for pre-dilating the stenotic atherosclerotic lesions of coronary artery disease to facilitate the implantation of stent. The product offers multiple solutions for complex diseases with excellent crossability and trackability. Foxtrot® NC is indicated for pre-dilation as well as post-dilation. It has excellent crossability, trackability and pushability.
With a population of seven million, Serbia has a growing market for cardiovascular products. After the four products gained regulatory approval in Serbia, MicroPort® further expands its overseas markets. In the future, MicroPort® will continue to bring in more high-quality medical devices to the Serbia market to benefit more local patients.