Happiness Begins From Heart - MicroPort Heart Journey patient education serial lectures

Coronary heart disease is the global disease which severely impairs human health, meanwhile it's also the principal disease that does harms to the health of the elderly and affects their life quality. The data shows that, many coronary heart disease patients are not died of the disease itself, but the ignorance of their own health and the unhealthy lifestyle. It is really a pity that treatment is delayed and then sudden coronary heart disease even sudden death is caused because of patient's lack of the related knowledge about the disease. Therefore, the long-term and systematic education of the basic knowledge and treatment of coronary heart disease can help the patients to improve health protection skill.
MicroPort, where the patient always comes first, devotes itself to offering doctor and patient cost-effective medical treatments all the time, and makes great efforts to improve the life quality of the patients and make more contribution to public welfare. In recent years, the Customer Service Department of MicroPort, which is a part of the programs for public good, insists carrying out public lectures of educating coronary heart disease patients, aiming at building up a platform for the communication of the patients, calling more people join the job that cares coronary heart disease patients and improves their life quality.
Under the joint efforts of both departments of Customer Service and Sales, the patient education serial lectures of MicroPort Heart Journey started in 2008. The number of hospitals participated is increasing every year. In the second half year of 2012, we have carried out approximately 20 series of activities in 37 hospitals including Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, The Sixth Hospital of Shanghai, Tianjin Baodi Hospital, The First People's Hospital of Mengzi Yunnan, The People's Hospital of Gejiu Yunnan, The 404 Hospital of Mianyang Sichuan and so on. The number of people attending the activities was about 1,000 totally, which had good influence on doctors and patients.
During the lecture, the specialists were good at teaching and explained profound theories in simple language, fully using pictures, animation, material objects and so on. They explained vividly to the patients the coronary heart disease and health knowledge, percutaneous coronary intervention principle, operation method, preoperative and postoperative attentions and so on, letting patients understand the therapeutic schedules clearly. Then they are more willing to co-operate the treatment, finally the therapeutic effect can be guaranteed. The feedback of patients showed that the contents of lectures were very practical. Specialists answered their questions in detail and increased patients' confidence of taking surgical intervention treatment effectively. A patient of Guizhou Jingyang Hospital couldn't help to tell us his story with emotions after he saw the stent by himself in the activity. He once suffered acute myocardial infarction and was in great danger. But he was fortune to survive after an emergency coronary intervention operation. He sighed:" What a miraculous stent! It's a really high technology and I know how to prevent the disease and keep fit in the next after attending the lecture today."
With the improvement of people's health recognition and the popularity of coronary heart disease intervention treatment technology, serial health technology lectures will get more and more popular. In order to help more patients to understand coronary heart disease, to cure the disease and make the life better, we will keep on trying, encouraging more hospitals and patients to join our Heart Journey patient education serial lectures and protect our health together.