Hemovent GmbH Participates in the EuroELSO 2023 Annual Meeting

Lisbon, Portugal, 26 May 2023 - Recently, Hemovent GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "Hemovent") showcased its flagship product, the MOBYBOX™ system, at the annual meeting of the European Extracorporeal Life Support Organization held in Lisbon, Portugal. The company shared its application experience in mobile medical scenarios, particularly in the transportation of critically ill patients.

During the event, Hemovent presented the MOBYBOX™, the world's first extracorporeal life support system (ECLS) product powered solely by compressed gas. It is currently the only ECMO system certified according to the European Union's MDR regulations and has received CE certification. Weighing only 2kg, the product is compact and portable, making it easy to fit into a backpack. Its user-friendly design and ease of operation not only enable more critically ill patients to receive extracorporeal life support promptly, which saves valuable time for subsequent rescue efforts, but also meet the practical needs of various hospitals. Attendees expressed their interest in the user-friendly design and simple operation of the MOBYBOX™ product. These attendees engaged in lively discussions with Hemovent's on-site staff.

In addition to product showcases, Hemovent organized a dedicated symposium during the conference. Dr. Alain Combes, Dr. Lars Mikael Broman, and Dr. Philipp Lepper delivered a presentation titled "ECMO to go - Patient transportation on ECMO: Where we are - what we know!". Dr. Oliver Marseille, Chief Technology Officer of the company, gave a keynote speech providing detailed insights into the MOBYBOX™ transport system. The Hemovent technical team engaged in rigorous professional exchanges with industry experts, engineers, scientists, and doctors.

Through this participation, Hemovent demonstrated its research and development capabilities, as well as its industry influence, which received positive feedback from the attending experts. Hemovent will continue to focus on research and development, concentrate on expanding its product portfolio, and drive internationalization efforts, which will aim to continuously lead and shape the future of portable extracorporeal life support systems in the field of critical care medicine.