Horizon Medical™ Ovum Aspiration Needle Registration Approved in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand, January 13, 2021 — The Ovum Aspiration Needle developed by Shanghai Horizon Medical Co., Ltd. Horizon Medical™ has now received registration approval from the Thai Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), making it the first product by Horizon Medical™ to gain approval in overseas markets.

The Ovum Aspiration Needle is used in egg retrieval procedures and helps doctors perform ultrasound-guided transvaginal retrieval of high-quality oocytes from the Ovarian follicle. Approved in China during 2019, it has been well recognized by experts for its clinical applications ever since.

Dr. Guo Zong, Executive Vice President of Horizon Medical™ said, “The registration approval of the Ovum Aspiration Needle in Thailand is a milestone for the future development of Horizon Medical™ in overseas markets. We will continue to innovate our research and development efforts to ensure we can meet the need of as many patients and doctors as possible. This approval helps us to provide improved assisted reproductive technology solutions for more patients and doctors worldwide.”

The unique U-tip® design of the needle reduces ovarian puncture, provides clinicians with better precision and in turn reduces patients’ pain levels throughout the procedure. The smooth tube wall with an ultra-low coefficient of friction avoids oocyte scratches during the retrieval process, while suction catheter is designed for smooth ovum delivery, thanks to its high bending strength, high lubrication and non-stickiness. In addition, the ergonomic handle design ensures easy gripping and twisting, improving the ease of use by clinicians.