Horizon Medical™’s Daylily® Embryo Transfer Catheter Receives Registration Approval in Thailand

Bangkok Thailand, February 08, 2021,—The Daylily® Embryo Transfer Catheter developed by Shanghai Horizon Medical™ Co., Ltd. (Horizon Medical™) has recently received registration approval from Thailand Food and Drug Administration (TFDA). It is the company’s second registered product in Thailand, following the approval of the LOTUS™ Ovum Aspiration Needle.

The Daylily® embryo transfer catheter is used in embryo transfer procedures, allowing doctors to gently implant the in vitro embryos in the mother’s uterine cavity via her cervix within a short period of time. The catheter has a smooth tip, which can effectively reduce irritation to the mother’s uterus. The guide is highly flexible and therefore easy to manipulate. The addition of matching stylet offers an effective solution to anteflexion and retroflexion embryo transfer.

The product has passed stringent positive and negative pressure tests, ensuring little to no risk of fluid or air leakage during its use. Available in a variety of sizes, the Daylily® embryo transfer catheter provides doctors with a wide selection to fit their usage habits and patients’ different conditions.

The Daylily® embryo transfer catheter was registered and approved in China in 2020, and has received recognition by experts in clinical applications. In the future, Horizon Medical™ will further improve its product portfolio and accelerate its market expansion at home and abroad.