Innovation, Translation, and Cooperation: MicroPort® Attends CHC 2016 to Present Firehawk®

Beijing, China – Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort®") attended the 2016 China Heart Congress ("CHC 2016") held from August 11 to August 14 in China National Convention Center of Beijing. The congress, themed "Healthy Heart•Better Life: Innovation, Translation, and Cooperation," provided an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest research developments in cardiovascular medicine. On August 13, MicroPort® hosted a satellite meeting on the latest update of TARGET Serial Clinical Trials of Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System ("Firehawk®"), in which experts exchanged ideas regarding Firehawk®'s advantages and clinical cases, to prove Firehawk®'s outstanding clinical performance.
MicroPort® invited Professor Yuejin Yang of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Haichang Wang of Tangdu Hospital & the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University, Professor Ben He of Renji Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine and Professor Xiaoyong Qi of Hebei General Hospital, as chairmen of the satellite meeting. During the meeting, Professor Jian Liu of Peking University People's Hospital introduced Firehawk® in-depth in terms of its historical evolution, design concept and performance advantages. Later, Professor Wenquan Zhang of Shanghai Putuo District Central Hospital and Professor Chunyu Fan of First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University shared clinical cases of Firehawk®.
In the case analyzed by Professor Wenquan Zhang, the patient has proximal diffuse stenosis in LAD (left anterior descending) branch and D1 (diagonal 1) branch, 60 percent proximal stenosis in LCX (left circumflex artery), distal CTO (chronic total occlusion), proximal stenosis in RCA (right coronary artery), long and proximal stenosis lesion in PDA (posterior descending branch), ostial CTO in PL (posterolateral branch), at the same time with diabetes and hypertension, which resulted in SYNTAX score>32, 4 points of J-CTO score, showing relatively greater PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) risk. After informing the patient and his family members of the surgical risk, Professor Zhang conducted PCI treatment for the patient and implanted a Firehawk® stent which smoothly passed the lesion, showing Firehawk®'s excellent performance in treating complex lesions.
Professor Chunyu Fan reported a case of acute inferior myocardial infarction complicated with hypertension 3. In the operation, the surgeon at first implanted a stent of another brand which failed to pass the lesion, and then a Firehawk® stent was implanted and smoothly passed the lesion. Afterwards, Professor Fan shared the reasons why he chose Firehawk® in this case, which included that the coating formed by rapamycin and poly lactic acid is stored in the groove of the outer surface of the stent, and the inner surface and the side of the stent remain in metal state; four months follow-up OCT (optical coherence tomography) results showed that the stent tissue coverage rate of more than 96% which means ideal endometrial coverage, probably shortened dual antiplatelet time and decreased incidence of late thrombosis. At the same time, no stent malapposition and the formation of hemangioma have been found in Firehawk® cases, which shows better early and long-term safety of Firehawk®. In addition, TARGET I Long bracket queue data showed, Firehawk® has excellent safety and effectiveness in the treatment of long coronary artery lesions.
Professor Bo Xu of Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences released the latest development of Firehawk® TARGET Serial Clinical Trials, and noted: "Firehawk® is the most important weapon to deal with simple-to-moderately complex-to-complex lesions." He also said, Firehawk® is becoming popular with surgeons in Europe as it has excellent efficacy and extremely low TLF (target lesion failure) and occurrence rate of thrombus.
In addition, chairmen of the satellite meetings discussed Firehawk®'s performance and efficacy in clinical cases, and spoke highly of its outstanding performance in the treatment of complex lesions. During the CHC 2016, MicroPort® carried out satisfaction survey and expert interview, to gather information on the development of CTO treatment domestically and abroad, and suggestions in relation to the efficacy of MicroPort® products. Experts expressed recognition in the performances and advantages of MicroPort®'s products that have been launched in the market and said they looked forward to the market launch of other innovative products, such as the second-generation fully bioresorbable scaffold - Firesorb™ Bioresorbable Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Scaffold System, to serve more domestic patients.
Since 2005, CHC has been held for 11 consecutive years with growing scale, academic level and influence, and has become one of the most comprehensive academic events and the most educational teaching course in the field of cardiovascular medicine in China and Asia Pacific region. This year's CHC has covered the topics in fundamental research and innovations, epidemiology and prevention, cardiovascular imaging, general and interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, anesthesia and intensive care, and nursing in depth, aiming to promote the development of China's cardiology.