Insulin Pump Infusion Set Received Re-registration Certificate

Beijing China, February 6, 2013 -- MicroPort Lifesciences (Beijing) Co., Ltd. received re-registration certificate issued by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA, 2013 No. 3660208) for its Insulin Pump Infusion Set. The validity period is through February 5, 2017.
The infusion set is a plastic tube connected to reservoir through which insulin passes. It uses special materials includes high-quality raw materials and special casing. The strict manufacturing process and quality control management system ensures the safety of the insulin infusion through the prevention of broken knotting. In addition, the special design with rapid separation and waterproof rubber plug greatly enhanced the users' comfort level. The needle's outer diameter is only 0.36mm which is the thinnest type on the current market. The extremely low profile of the needle causes less pain during the injection and improves patient's comfort level.
Insulin Pumps mimic nature pancreatic insulin delivery by infusing fast acting insulin continuously through infusion set and reservoir to maintain the patients' stable blood sugar throughout the day and night. La Fenice® ​​insulin pump is developed and manufactured entirely by MicroPort Lifesciences. Unlike MDI, a pump automatically delivers a constant rate of insulin around the clock, and users can easily start and stop additional insulin delivery upon demand. The pump deliver background insulin continuously to cover patients' metabolic need for insulin which is called basal rate. It has four different bolus modes on demand in larger doses to cover a meal or to correct for hyperglycemia bolus. Insulin pump therapy is a fast-growing choice for diabetes management. It offers clinical and lifestyle benefits which leads to significant improvements over injection therapy.