Japan Successfully Developed a Daily Administrating System for Diabetics

Recently, a Japanese research group has developed a daily administrating system for diabetics. The system which successfully realized the automatic data acquisition and analysis brings lots of convenience to the patient.

The system which developed by the researchers of Kyushu Institute of Technology and Kyushu University is made up of many sections including the pedometer with inner acceleration transducer, bathroom scales, sphygmomanometer, blood-sugar tester, handset and household servers linked to the internet.

The palm-sized pedometer is able to judge whether the patients are walking or running according to the acceleration rate when it is hung around their waists. Both the pedometer and sphygmomanometer are furnished with radio devices through which the data can be automatically transmitted to handset and household servers.

Further more, the direct program developed by the researchers would do automatic analysis on these activity data of the patients including other detailed information such like sugar content of blood. The program has already recorded detailed information of more than 3000 patients with their symptom and habits. Through compare of the two sets of data, the servers would give reasonable advice such like "please continuous to do some walking" or "the sugar content is a little bit high, you’d better go to see your doctor".

It was found in the three-month-duration experiment based on 52 diabetics aged from 30 to 70 which started from last November that those who used the system are in better situation with their capability of early diagnosis improved. And even those who deteriorated fast could be found in time.

The researchers hope that the system could be ready for commercial production in three years, benefiting more patients through its application in the treatment of metabolic syndrome and nursing service for the aged. (via www.bc.tech-ex.com)