Latino American cardiovascular surgeons' visits

17 Brazilian and Argentina cardiovascular surgeons paid a visit to MicroPort head office on 17th Nov. 2009 during their one-week clinical experience exchange program initiated by MicroPort from 16th to 20th Nov. 2009 in Shanghai and Beijing which was to share their experience with Chinese experts on peripheral and cardiovascular operations. Philip Wang, Chief Marketing Officer, delivered a warm welcome speech and an exclusive review on the industry and company to the surgeons after a factory tour.
These surgeons attended Endovascular Clinical Forum organized by Prof. Zaiping Jing at Changhai Hospital (Shanghai, China) the day before the visit, where discussion has been made on 3 successful challenging live cases. On 19th Nov, they were also invited to Sun's Procedure-International Forum at Anzheng Hospital (Beijing, China) presented by Prof. Lizhong Sun who is the leading cardiovascular surgeon in China. Prof. Sun introduced his vast experience on 500 clinical cases and performed 2 complex surgeries later that day, both of which were STANDFORD-A thoracic aortic aneurysm. Dissection arises in the ascending aorta and extends to descending area; Hybrid technique was used with the Cronus Surgical graft implanted in the descending aorta and four branches artificial blood vessel replaced the ascending aorta.
The Latino American surgeons learned the present status of treatments for cardiovascular and endovascular diseases in China through the program. They gave a full recognition to the great development on techniques and achievements the Chinese surgeons have accomplished in those fields.