Dr. Martin B. Leon Visiting MicroPort

March 25th, 2013 -- after the 11th annual scientific sessions of China Interventional Therapeutics (CIT2013) ended in Beijing, Dr. Martin B. Leon, the Chairman of CIT and a professor of medical center of University of Columbia, along with secretary of CIT and Mr. Bo Xu, director of Fuwai cardiovascular hospital, visited the headquarter of MicroPort. Dr. Zhaohua Chang, the Chairman & CEO of MicroPort and other top managements of the company joined the grand reception.
As one of most world-renowned cardiologists and interventional therapy experts, Dr. Martin B. Leon has been doing research on Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) for more than ten years in National Institution of Health (NIH) and was then engaged in clinical research in medical center of Georgetown University. Dr. Martin B. Leon is also a professor of medical school in University of Columbia and the director of heart disease research foundation. Last year during the TCT meeting, Dr. Martin B. Leon, the principal co-investigator of TARGET clinical trial, presented the latest primary endpoint data of Firehawk® TARGET I. In CIT2013, he was also invited as the honored guest to participate in the discussion on the result from TARGET clinical study for Firehawk®.
Accompanied by Mr. Qiyi Luo, Chief Technology Officer of MicroPort, Dr. Martin B. Leon visited the exhibition room, manufacturing area and TC testing laboratory of the company. After the visit, Dr. Martin B. Leon expressed his strong impression about MicroPort. "This is my first trip to MicroPort," Said Dr. Martin B. Leon. "I used to think the most important technology developments with interventional products, particularly in the field of drug-eluting stent, were made in the United States; however, now I am seeing a lot of technological advancements were being achieved outside of the United States. Those advancements have novel properties in which not only competitive, but may actually represents the next generation of new devices. MicroPort has the potential to become the next global leader in the medical device industry."