MicroPort® and Shanghai East Hospital Jointly Initiate the China Interventional Pulmonology Innovation Industry Alliance

Shanghai, China – The founding and launch ceremony of the China Interventional Pulmonology Innovation Industry Alliance (“the Alliance”) was held at the Shanghai East Hospital on December 30, 2018. The Alliance was jointly initiated by Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. (“MicroPort®”) and Shanghai East Hospital. MicroPort® Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Zhaohua Chang was named Honorary President of the Alliance, and MicroPort® Business Development and Project Management First Vice President Dr. Chengyun Yue was named President of the Alliance. MicroPort® Coronary Manufacturing & Engineering First Vice President Yiyun Que and Technology Innovation & New Business Development First Vice President Dr. Xiang He attended the ceremony.
The Alliance is composed of the Scientific Committee and the Governing Corporation Members. The members of the Scientific Committee come from the Interventional Pulmonology Work Committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, who are China’s top experts in the field. The founding corporation members of the Alliance also cover most of the corporations engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of the interventional pulmonology devices. The Alliance, which integrates the clinicians, scientists and engineers, aims to build a platform for the commercialization of innovative ideas in the field of interventional pulmonology, and contribute to the development of the segment in China.
At the ceremony, Dr. Chengyun Yue spoke of the rapid development of China’s interventional cardiology in the past 20 years, as well as the development of MicroPort® during the same period. She pointed out that many interventional cardiology technologies can be directly applied in the field of interventional pulmonology. She believed that the interventional pulmonology will develop as fast as the interventional cardiology has developed in the past through the cooperation between the corporations and the clinicians.
Dr. Chengyun Yue stressed that the innovation in medical devices must result from the deep cooperation between the corporations and clinicians. With a large population of patients suffering from respiratory diseases worldwide, it is incumbent upon MicroPort® as China’s leading provider of high-end innovative therapeutic solutions to shoulder the responsibility of the R&D of interventional pulmonology devices. Compared to the original peer-to-peer communication model between the corporations and clinicians, the Alliance will gather the wisdom of a larger community with organized and regulated operations, and have a more accurate and efficient grasp of the patients’ demands.
Currently, the accumulated expertise and readied technology research platform of MicroPort® in the field of interventional cardiology can be directly applied in the R&D of interventional pulmonology products. In addition to the R&D of the products, MicroPort® will also focus on the protection of the intellectual properties of clinicians and researchers, so as to build a healthier and higher quality commercialization mode. Against the backdrop of minimal invasion being increasingly pursued by patients and clinicians, MicroPort® hopes to have deeper cooperation with the clinicians through the Alliance, develop more interventional pulmonology products featuring intelligent manufacturing in China on the Alliance’s platform, so as to provide the patients with more precise and individualized healthcare services.