MicroPort® and Yizheng Municipal Government Establishes "Shanghai-Yizheng Healthcare Cooperation Project"

Shanghai, China – Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort®") and Yizheng Municipal Government recently held the signing and opening ceremony of "Shanghai-Yizheng Healthcare Cooperation Project" in Yizheng of Jiangsu Province. Zhenyu Zhang, the Secretary of Yizheng Municipal Committee, and Dr. Zhaohua Chang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MicroPort®, attended and addressed the ceremony.
In partnership with Yizheng People's Hospital and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, MicroPort® established Engineering Research Center of Modern Micro-invasive Medical Device and Technology of Ministry of Education & Yizheng Collaborative Innovation Center. Meanwhile, MicroPort® launched MicroPort® Telemedicine Yizheng Demonstration Center with Yizheng People's Hospital. Telemedicine service of the network service platform "Life Line Live" (www.1o2o.com), supported by MicroPort®'s subsidiary MicroPort Online Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co, is applied to these two centers to offer doctors with tele-consultation, real-time intraoperative guidance and online training service, allowing doctors and patients in less-developed areas to enjoy high-quality medical resources.
Three consultations were convened in the Telemedicine Center of Yizheng Hospital on the day of the opening ceremony, including tele-consultation by Professor Changlin Mei of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital for a patient with kidney disease, tele-consultation by surgeons of Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University for a neurological patient, and tele-consultation by surgeons of Beijing Youan Hospital for a patient with infectious disease. Meanwhile, Professor Dadong Zhang of Shanghai Yodak Cardiothoracic Hospital provided remote guidance in a coronary surgery through the platform.
The Shanghai-Yizheng Healthcare Cooperation Project enables patients to obtain professional treatment and diagnosis from a remote expert, avoiding wasting the time and money to physically travel to see the doctor in person. In addition, the project facilitates experienced surgeons to give lectures on special topics and complex cases, which helps to improve the theoretical knowledge level and clinical skills of local medical staff in Yizheng. MicroPort® will continue to promote the "Life Line Live" platform and offer telemedical service to a larger number of patients and surgeons in second- and third-tier cities in China.