MicroPort Annual General Meeting Held

Shanghai, China – July 1st, 2014 – MicroPort Scientific Corporation ("MicroPort") held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 30 in Shanghai headquarters. Board of Directors including Chairman and CEO Dr. Zhaohua Chang, Non-executive Director Norihiro Ashida, Non-executive Director Hiroshi Shirafuji and Independent Non-executive Director Zezhao Hua, attended the meeting.
At the AGM, Ms. Weiwei Chen has been elected as non-executive director of MicroPort with effect from 30 June 2014. Meanwhile, the board of directors announced that Ms. Chen has been appointed as a member of nomination committee during the same period of time.
Ms. Chen is now the Deputy General Economist and Manager of Investment Management Department of Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd, which indirectly holds the shareholding interests of Shanghai ZJ Hi-Tech Investment Corporation, a substantial shareholder of MicroPort. She graduated from Tongji University with a master degree in Environment Engineering.
The specific poll results were published on MicroPort official website (www.microport.com) and the website of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd (www.hkexnews.hk).