MicroPort® Attends CIT 2016

Beijing, China – Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort®") recently attended the 14th China Interventional Therapeutics ("CIT 2016") in China National Convention Center in Beijing.
During the opening ceremony of CIT 2016 hosted by Professor Runlin Gao of Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Dr. Martin B. Leon of Columbia University in the City of New York, MicroPort®'s second generation of bioresorbable stent Firesorb™ Bioresorbable Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Scaffold System ("Firesorb™") was presented in the live case of the plenary session. The operation was successfully conducted by Professor Shubin Qiao of Fuwai Hospital. CRF Chief Medical Officer Gary Mints made a clear narration of the operation and interacted with the audience. Dr. Martin B. Leon pointed out that Firesorb™ is the thinnest bioresorbable stent and is as effective as most mainstream drug-eluting stents ("DES"). Later, in the forum themed Innovation in Intervention, MicroPort® Chief Technology Officer Dr. Qiyi Luo made a speech of From Firehawk® to Firesorb™: The MicroPort® Innovation, to present the development of MicroPort® DES products to the people in attendance.
On March 18, MicroPort® hosted the Luncheon Satellite Symposium: Evolution of MicroPort® DES Product, co-chaired by Professor Weifeng Shen of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Professor Shubin Qiao of Fuwai Hospital, Professor Jianfang Luo of Guangdong General Hospital, Professor Costantino R. Costantini from Brazil and Professor Wasan Udayachalem from Thailand. Professor Kefei Dou of Fuwai Hospital delivered a speech on Development History of MicroPort® Coronary Products, to introduce the performance of MicroPort® coronary devices in the treatment of complex coronary artery diseases. Professor Alfredo E.Rodriguez of Otamendi Hospital released a report on Modifying SYNTAX Score and Improving Outcome after PCI: Insights From 2-Year Follow-up of ERACI IV Study. Pengcheng He with Guangdong General Hospital made a speech on PCI for STEMI Complicated with Pulmonary Edema: Case Report and Individual Experience. Professor Anuruck Jeamanukoolkit of Vejthani Hospital issued Firebird2® Complex Case Report, to demonstrate Firebird2®'s safety and efficacy in treating complex cardiovascular diseases. Their speeches were warmly received and triggered hot discussions.
On March 19, MicroPort® hosted the Twilight Satellite Symposium: Update on Firehawk® Preclinical and Clinical Program. Professor Yuejin Yang of Fuwai Hospital, Professor Yaling Han of the General Hospital of Shenyang Military, Dr. William Wijns of the Cardiovascular Center in Aalst of Belgium, Professor Shaoliang Chen of Nanjing First Hospital, Professor Bo Xu of Fuwai Hospital and Dr. Andreas Baumbach of Bristol Heart Institute were invited to deliver speeches. For instance, Professor Bo Xu and Professor Shaoliang Chen gave lectures on Update of the Firehawk® Target Eluting Stent Clinical Program and Firehawk® Complex Case Reviews respectively. Dr. William Wijns issued a report on Progress of TARGET All Comer Randomized Trial in Europe. Dr. Andreas Baumbach gave a speech on Complex Case Reviews from TARGET All Comer Trial. Firehawk® TARGET All Comer Randomized Trial in Europe is a prospective, multi-center, randomized clinical trial which aims to evaluate Firehawk®'s safety and effect in the clinical application. In the support of a large number of clinical data, Firehawk® is expected to benefit more patients in the Europe as well as the whole world.