MicroPort® Attends Eleventh Left Main & Coronary Bifurcation Summit (CBS 2019)

Nanjing, China – From November 28 to December 1, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") attended the 11th Left Main & Coronary Bifurcation Summit (CBS 2019) in Nanjing, China. The summit has grown to an influential scientific congress in the field of cardiovascular diseases after over a decade of development. CBS 2019 continued to focus on the hot topics of endovascular imaging, complex PCI techniques and dual antiplatelet therapeutic strategies, and added heavyweight innovative sessions to explore international cooperation, such as Belt and Road China-Pakistan Forum that provided high-quality platform for scientific exchanges and discussions for Chinese and Pakistani doctors. As CBS 2019's scientific partner, MicroPort® organized a delegation of Pakistani doctors to take part in the forum and live cases, with both the Chinese and the Pakistani doctors deeply impressed with the integrated PCI solution of MicroPort®.

The Belt and Road China-Pakistan Forum was opened with the fascinating “How-to-treat” Case Sharing presented by the Chinese and Pakistani doctors. During the case sharing, the speakers firstly introduced the basic information of the history of the cases and examination results, and then invited the guest panelists to show “How to treat”, in which the guest panelists spoke of which strategy and solution they would choose for the cases under discussion. In the last step, the speakers presented the actual treatment and procedures applied for the cases, which led to heated discussions on definition, therapeutic strategies and prognosis for complex bifurcation lesions among the attendees. During the discussions, Professor Afsar Raza from Airedale General Hospital in Pakistan spoke of the development and outlook of PCI in Pakistan, while the other Pakistani doctors gave excellent presentations. The best treatment options were discussed amid exchanges and collisions of different ways of thinking and strategies.

During the live cases session that attracted most attention, the devices of MicroPort® appeared in the treatment of complex lesions for several times. Professor Bashir Hanif from Pakistan used the Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System and Firefighter™ PTCA Balloon Catheters to treat the challenging high-risk chronic total occlusion (CTO) and completed the procedure successfully. The marvelous skills of the operator and the remarkable performance of the MicroPort® devices left the audience greatly impressed.

Up until now, the cardiovascular devices of MicroPort® have entered nearly 20 countries covered in the Belt and Road Initiative, including Pakistan, and provided an integrated PCI solution for the local doctors and patients. With regard to the situation that some of the countries only have access to rudimentary medical equipment and a limited number of licensed doctors with the systematic education and training for minimally invasive medicine, MicroPort® have launched multiple programs to provide the local doctors with scientific education and exchange opportunities for years. The Belt and Road “China-Pakistan Forum” was another useful attempt in the Belt and Road activities of scientific education and exchanges. In the future, MicroPort® will continue to create scientific exchange platforms for more interventional cardiologists and contribute to the development in the area of coronary bifurcation intervention, so as to provide doctors and patients with more integrated therapeutic solutions that can extend and transform lives.