MicroPort® EP Attends EUROPACE-CARDIOSTIM 2017

Vienna, Austria - Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® EP") recently attended EUROPACE-CARDIOSTIM 2017 hosted by European Heart Rhythm Association ("EHRA") in Vienna, Austria. More than 5,000 arrhythmia experts from all over the world participated in the congress. As an important cardiovascular subspecialty community of European Cardiac Rhythm Management, EHRA is committed to improving the quality of life and reducing sudden cardiac death by limiting the impact of heart rhythm disturbances.
During the EUROPACE-CARDIOSTIM 2017, MicroPort® EP displayed products that have been launched in the market, including Columbus™ 3D EP Navigation System ("Columbus™"), OptimAblate™ RF Generator, OptimAblate™ Irrigation Pump, FireMagic® Cardiac RF Ablation Catheter, FireMagic® 3D Irrigated Ablation Catheter, and EasyFinder™ Electrophysiology Steerable Diagnostic Catheter, as well as innovative devices that are still under research and development, such as PathBuilder™ Fixed Curve/Steerable Introducer, Puncture Needle, and Rhythmwatch™ ECG Monitor, which attracted many experts to visit the booth and inquire for product information. In particular, the latest version of Columbus™ with added functions gained recognition from experts in Greece, Turkey and Dominica. After trying out the equipment and catheters, Spanish physician Dr. Merino said: "The new version of Columbus™ is more user friendly and include more functions. I'm glad that MicroPort® EP keeps improving its products and I believe an increasingly more patients would be benefited from its product lines."
Currently, Columbus™, OptimAblate™ RF Generator, OptimAblate™ Irrigation Pump have been launched in the European market. It is expected that MicroPort® EP's appearance in EUROPACE-CARDIOSTIM 2017 would help the company further expand the European market, laying a solid foundation for increasing its brand awareness globally. MicroPort® EP President Dr. Yiyog Sun said: "We are dedicated to becoming the provider of 'a complete solution platform combining active and nonactive, device and equipment,' to offer more solutions and better service to patients and physicians."