MicroPort® Attends SCC 2018

Guangzhou, China – From April 5 to April 8, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") attended the 20th South China International Congress of Cardiology ("SCC 2018") and hosted a case competition. Themed on "Science, Cooperation, Innovation", the SCC 2018 invited domestic and overseas cardiologists to exchange ideas on the new achievement in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases as well as to have discussion on the hot topics of the cardiovascular field to enhance their theoretical knowledge and surgical skill, so as to promote the development of China's cardiology field.
In this conference, MicroPort® hosted three case competitions involving 18 cases in total. MicroPort® invited 15 renowned experts to serve as moderators, including Professor Jianping Li of Peking University First Hospital, Professor Qiangsun Zheng of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Professor Leisheng Ru of Peace Hospital, Professor Liangqiu Tang of Yuebei People's Hospital, and Professor Qiang Xie of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University. In the end, the case of Primary PCI treatment of CTO by Professor Guoxiang Shi of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, the case of open LAD CTO through lateral branch of outer membrane by guide wire kissing technique by Professor Minggang Zhou of the Third People's Hospital of Chengdu, and the case of retrograde CTO by Professor Haipeng Wang of the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University respectively won the first place in the three case competitions. Since 2016, MicroPort® hosted the case competition in various national-level congresses and has received positive feedback. It was the third time for MicroPort® to host such seminar in the CCIF, which fully demonstrated the excellent performance of its stents. Meanwhile, this case competition was live broadcasted via Dr. King studio and MicroPort® online platform, which attracted more than 1,500 audience to watch online. It provided opportunities for physicians in rural areas to learn more advanced technologies.
During the conference, MicroPort® and MicroPort® EP set up a booth to display several innovative products such as Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System ("Firehawk®") and Columbus™ 3D EP Navigation System ("Columbus™"), attracting many attendees to pay a visit and inquire for product information. After trying out Columbus™ and its matching catheter FireMagic™, some experts in attendance showed high recognition in their stability and reliability. Meanwhile, MicroPort® carried out satisfaction survey activities during the conference. Experts spoke highly of MicroPort®'s cardiovascular products such as Firehawk® and Firebird2® and offered suggestions regarding the product R&D.