MicroPort® Awarded Five Star Credit Enterprise

Shanghai, China – Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort®") was recently awarded the honorable distinction of "Five Star Credit Enterprise" by a committee under Shanghai Municipal Government, which is the highest honor of Shanghai Credibility Construction Program.
Integrity is one of MicroPort®'s eight key values, applied to our strategic vision and development goal. We are determined to demonstrate our integrity through quality products and service. MicroPort® started to take part in Shanghai Credibility Construction Program from 2010, and was granted one-star to four-star credit enterprise awards respectively between 2011 and 2014. This five-star award showed that MicroPort®'s effort in building up an integrity system in the company was fully recognized by the committee and the society.
Under the direction of 20 departments of Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai Credibility Construction Program is designed to promote the construction of Shanghai credibility system and improve the intangible infrastructure of Shanghai's economic and social development.