MicroPort® Awarded as "Shanghai Brand"

Shanghai, China – On June 7, a total of 53 enterprises were awarded as the first batch of "Shanghai Band", and MicroPort® was the only healthcare company that was granted such honor with its star product Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System ("Firehawk®"). The 53 listed enterprises cover 50 products and 36 services related with manufacturing, service, shopping and culture industries in Shanghai. The list was announced during the Shanghai Brand Certification Award Ceremony and 2018 World Accreditation Day. The attendees of the conference include Shanghai Deputy Mayor Kunlin Xu, Chief Engineer of Certification and Accreditation Administration of China Yumin Bo, Secretary-General of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment Jianhua Xiao, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal Government Jinshan Gu, Head of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision Xiaolu Huang, President of Shanghai Brands International Certification Alliance Zhaozhe Xu. In the ceremony, Vice President of MicroPort® Corporate QA&QC Yong Li received the certification of "Shanghai Brand" on behalf of the company.
The "Shanghai Brand" Certification is issued to companies leading in China and well-known in international markets. It puts emphasis on quality, innovation, branding, technology, and management, aiming to cultivate independent Chinese brands with good quality, leading technology, and scientific management, to offer more high-quality service and product to the world. The "Shanghai Brand" Certification selection mechanism is developed by Shanghai Brands Building Committee consisted of 24 municipal departments including Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization, Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, and Shanghai Commission of Commerce. The selection mechanism adopts international assessment methods and the government authorities authorize third-party organizations recognized by CNAS to evaluate service and products. Currently, 15 domestic and international well-known recognition agencies jointly established Shanghai Brands International Certification Alliance to participate in selecting "Shanghai Brand" companies, which fully demonstrate the credibility of this title.
MicroPort® was awarded as "Shanghai Brand" with its new-generation drug-eluting stent Firehawk®. Firehawk® is the world's first and only target-eluting stent ("TES"). It adopts TES Technology platform, and its coating area is only 20% of the stent surface. Firehawk®'s drug is released over 90 days and its polymer is fully absorbed in nine months. Its average metal coverage rate is 14.0-16.1%. Firehawk® is the world's lowest drug dosage stent, with only 1/3 dosage versus similar products while achieving the same efficacy. In EuroPCR 2018, MicroPort® announced primary endpoint data at 12 months and QCA angiography data at 13 months from its TARGET All-Comers ("TARGET AC") trial. The results of the TARGET AC trial demonstrated that vessels treated with the Firehawk® showed non-inferiority results when compared to vessels treated with the Xience family of drug eluting stents. It is first time that MicroPort® leads a large scale and high quality randomized clinical trial in Europe while achieving the endpoint. It to some extent shows that the high-end medical devices developed in Shanghai have won recognition in international markets with their outstanding performance.
The certification of "Shanghai Brand" aims to cultivate high-end Chinese brands with international competitiveness. It recognizes high quality brands that meet the requirement of "leading brands, self-innovation, excellent quality, outstanding management and social responsibility". Through years of growth and innovation in the past 20 years, MicroPort® has over 260 products currently approved for use in over 5,000 hospitals worldwide, and MicroPort® is contributing to a better world through its life-saving medical therapies and quality-improving care devices being used in patients every 12 seconds. The award of "Shanghai Brand" shows the public recognition in MicroPort® products and brand. In the future, MicroPort® will continue to carry out the branding ideology of "the Patient Always Comes First" to offer more cost-effective medical solutions to save or reshape lives or improve the quality of life for patients in China and worldwide.