MicroPort awarded "TOP 10 ENTERPRISE PRIZE"

November 21, 2012--the 10th Anniversary Ceremony of Shanghai Biological Pharmaceutical Industry Association was held in Shanghai. An activity called "The Voting of Excellent Enterprises of the 10th Anniversary of Shanghai Biological Pharmaceutical Industry Association" was launched by the Association to commend and express gratitude to excellent member enterprises for their support and to encourage the enterprises to strive for excellence. After 2 months of the voting and evaluation process of the Association, MicroPort was awarded "the Top 10 Enterprise Prize".
Shanghai Biological Pharmaceutical Industry Association was founded in 2002 and it is also one of the first named "National Advanced NGOs" of Ministry of Civil Affairs. The number of its membership enterprises has increased from 87 to 212 which cover the whole industrial chain from Research & Development, production and to circulation in the field of modern biotechnology and medicine. The industry scale of the membership enterprises increased from RMB 8 billion at the beginning of the establishment in 2003 to more than RMB 140 billion in 2011. The association commits itself to promoting the development of biological pharmaceutical industry in Shanghai and enhancing its international competitiveness.